Limerick St. Paddy’s Day Game!

There once was a girl named claire 

Who took pride in boasting about her hair So instead of having nights 

where the comb and brush would fight 

She stocked up her home with hair care



There once was an old bricken church 

whose patrons were taken with thirst 

they asked for some ‘shine and said it was fine 

tho the old pastor’s stomach would lurch! 



A worldly woman once visited the town of Winchester, What she saw there did impress her, So she opened a store, filled it with antiques and uniques galore,

And now the worldly woman travels no more.



There was a wee bar in Winchester 

Who invited all to enter 

They’ll fill your ale pail with smile and haste

And thank St. Patrick for the town’s wonderful taste! 

The material came from an ancestor  

And an idea started to fester 

A PYOP popped up 

Come in to paint a cup 

Right here in Downtown Winchester  



Free Space!



A dapper man sits on Main Street 

A happier soul you will never meet 

You must have seen him holding court 

With passer-by of ever sort 

Happily greeting you from his seat 

Muncie drove, along the old brick road 

The beer he drinks, not nearly that old  

On a bright sunny day, 

Sit on the deck, Muncie would say 

For what’s there now is named for that road! 



There is a store by the huge gold dome 

Where you can find products for house and for home

Things for food, babies, ladies and men 

You’ll want to come back again and again 

When you’re downtown and needing some sass

this is one shop you won’t want to pass 

You’ll snag a cool shirt 

That’ll make people smirk 

And makes you look like a fine lass! 



Match the limericks to these downtown businesses.  Show a listed shopkeeper their match to get a gold coin raffle entry for our St. Patrick’s gift basket–filled with treasures from participating businesses.



Abettor Brewing 

A Bit of Sass 

Created by You 

Court Street Gifts 

Eve’s Uniques 

Eklektic Alchemy 

Mason’s on Main 

Micki’s Irish Bar 

Poohdie’s Palace 

Wildcat Willy’s Distillery